Top 5 Plumbing Myths

In New Cumberland, we’ve got the historic homes and the new neighborhoods all mixed together. Our community definitely has variety in architecture. Being that we’re plumbers, this reminds us of one thing: the plumbing is very different in all of these homes. So, let’s talk about some myths and misconceptions that exist around plumbing, because knowing is half the battle…the battle to not have a plumbing emergency!

Myths and Realities

Myth: A wire hanger by itself can work as a plumbing snake. This one was a little tricky actually. A wire hanger can be used, but it’s best to cover the tip in a soft cloth with a rubber band. You don’t want to scratch the inner surface of the plumbing by using a wire hanger alone.

Myth: If stuff is going down the drain, it’s in good working order. This isn’t true most of the time. Even if debris and waste is going down the drain, it’s possible that waste is slowly collecting in one spot in your pipes and could lead to an emergency down the line.

Myth: Citrus peels are good for my kitchen’s drain. It’s true that these do good for the odor in your kitchen drain, but if you have an older disposal, it may not be able to properly break down the peel. It’s best to just avoid doing this.

Myth: Flushable wipes are good to use. Nope! Even though they flush and go down, they don’t breakdown like toilet tissue does. That means, you could be clogging up your plumbing by using these “plumbing-friendly” wipes.

Myth: Plumbing today is just about the same as it always was. No! Plumbing today can be more efficient and save you money. Plumbing in older homes may be more vulnerable, may be made of lead (which can impact your water quality), and if underground, could be punctured by tree roots.

Time to Update Your Plumbing?

It may be time to upgrade your plumbing, or at least have it checked, if your home is older or has a lot of plumbing users. Have Ready & Able inspect and protect your pipes! (717) 963-2034

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