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Have you received a letter from the Pennsylvania American Water Company, SUEZ Water Company, York Water Company, Harrisburg Water Company or another water company located in the area? If the letter asks you to contact a state-certified backflow assembly tester, then you have come to the right place!

Ready & Able has ASSE certified backflow assembly testers ready to help. Give us a call and we’ll take it from here!

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Backflow Testing, Installation, and Repair

Backflow is a form of plumbing contamination in which water for drinking mixes with non-potable water, creating a significant health hazard. This occurs most commonly when a system design error or device failure causes a municipal water stream to cross-connect with a private water supply in a commercial property. Other related terms you may hear include “back siphonage,” a form of backflow caused by negative pressure, and “backpressure backflow,” which occurs as a result of downstream pressure. Both are serious problems that must be corrected.

When a municipal water stream cross-connects with a private water supply in a commerical property due to a design error or device failure.

Backflow is prevented by installing a backflow prevention device. Several different types exist, including reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assemblies, double check valves and pressure vacuum breakers. Which of these is right for you depends on a number of factors, but all require periodic inspection and maintenance to ensure they continue working their best. Because of the importance of the job, backflow prevention assembly testing should only be performed by a plumber that has undergone the necessary training and certification.

State-certified testing companies, such as Ready & Able perform necessary inspections in York, Cumberland and Dauphin counties to test for backflow.

All non-residential properties should have an appropriate backflow prevention device installed. In the Central PA area, the Pennsylvania American Water Company, SUEZ Water Company, York Water Company, Harrisburg Water Company and other utilities are responsible for ensuring that effective backflow prevention measures are in place with all their commercial customers. To do this, they rely on state-certified backflow testing companies, such as Ready & Able, to perform the necessary inspections. If you’ve received a notice from your utility company requesting that you complete a backflow test, contact our office to book an appointment as soon as possible.

Backflow Testing, Installation, and Repair

In addition to providing state-certified backflow testing, Ready & Able also offers comprehensive repair and replacement services. If your plumbing does not pass our testing, or if you are moving into a new facility that doesn’t have an approved backflow prevention device already installed, we can help. Call today for an on-site quote.

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Our Role

As a state-certified backflow assembly tester, Ready & Able can provide backflow testing in York, Harrisburg and throughout Central PA. We’ll work with you to ensure your system meets all legal requirements. If there’s an issue, we’ll help determine the appropriate course of action. Don’t have a backflow device installed? We can provide surveying, consultation and installation of reliable products by Watts, Wilkins, Conbraco and other leading manufacturers.

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