Heating Maintenance in Harrisburg, PA

Annual Heating System Maintenance Benefits

Just like your car, your home’s heating system requires annual inspections and service to keep it running at its best. A little routine heating maintenance can make a huge difference! Regular service visits can help you in the following ways:

  • Extends the lifespan of your equipment: With all of your HVAC parts running in working order, you can increase the time you get out of your system. Your furnace heats your home with minimal wear and tear so you can keep it for a longer time.
  • Improves your heater’s efficiency: Mechanical issues and damage can cause your system to work harder to get the same results. With these problems solved, your furnace’s performance increases.
  • Keeps your system running when you need it: When your system has small issues, they can grow into bigger issues that cause unexpected breakdowns. During your maintenance visit, we check for these types of problems so you can have better heating throughout the winter.

These benefits help you stay comfortable all year long. You get to enjoy better heating performance that keeps you warm during cold weather. Plus, you get peace of mind knowing that your HVAC system works at its best performance.

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Ready & Able’s Maintenance Plans

Benefits of Heating Systems Annual Maintenance

Routine maintenance can make a huge difference! A yearly visit service visit can:

  • Extend the lifespan of your current equipment
  • Improve your heater’s efficiency and performance
  • Prevent small issues from growing into unexpected breakdowns
  • Save money and get a greater investment out of your furnace
  • Allow you to stay comfortable year-round without fear of issues

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Ready & Able Wants to Help You With Your Heating Maintenance

You can also save more money in the long run with these advantages of regular heating system maintenance. With an increased HVAC lifespan, you get a greater investment our of your furnace. Thanks to the improved efficiency offered by inspection services, your heater can create a lower heating bill in the winter. The price of regular maintenance can cost less than a full system replacement, making a proactive approach more price-efficient.

Schedule your annual heating maintenance with the expert technicians at Ready & Able.

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Furnace Maintenance Checklist

Maintenance is very important for your heating system no matter how old the equipment is. A tune-up should be completed every year in order to help the system run efficiently and safely. There are many different parts to your heating system and all of those parts need cleaning and inspections yearly. When you schedule a tune-up with Ready & Able our trained technicians will:

  • Replace the Air Filter: A clear air filter lets increases the compressor’s lifespan and improves energy efficiency.
  • Check the Thermostat: When your thermostat temperature matches your heater temperature, your HVAC system runs for the right amount of time.
  • Switch High and Low Wall Returns: If you have high and low registers for your system, we can switch them when the weather changes.
  • Inspect Blower Wheel: A functioning blower wheel moves air throughout your HVAC system and improves efficiency.
  • Check Blower Motor: We can check if your blower motor draws the right amount of electricity to lengthen its lifespan and improve cost-effectiveness.
  • Lubricate Motor If Needed: A lubricated motor lets your HVAC system have smooth performance for the best results.
  • Inspect All Wiring: Proper wiring keeps you and your family safe while ensuring that your HVAC system turns on and off.
  • Inspect Heat Exchanger: We can inspect your heat exchanger to make sure your furnace is operating safely. A defect in the heat exchanger can allow for carbon monoxide to enter your home.
  • Clean Burners and Check Draft: When your burners stay clean and have good air flow, the generated heat goes where you need it.
  • Check Air Flow: Clear air ducts keep your home safe and let your system perform at top efficiency.
  • Check Capacitors: A functioning capacitor keeps your system’s voltage and current at the right levels.
  • Check Contactors: Your system’s contractors turn it on and off when your home needs heating.
  • Measure Temperature Difference: We can check the difference between the temperatures of air going out and in to measure your system’s performance.
  • And much more…

Upon completion of the tune-up, our technicians provide you with a comprehensive report detailing all the work we completed, as well as any recommendations we have for more significant repairs or adjustments.

Why Furnace Maintenance Matters

When it comes to your home HVAC system, safety and reliability are extremely important. We recommend that all homes complete an air conditioning tune-up during months of warm weather, and a heating system tune-up during cool weather. This way, your systems have better preparation to handle the stresses that the following months’ temperatures will bring. It also ensures that every component of your home HVAC system works at top efficiency, which will keep your heating and cooling costs as low as possible.

Types of Heating Systems Available for Annual Inspection

Our experts have experience working with a variety of HVAC equipment. If you don’t see your home’s heating system on that list, please contact us to find out if we perform maintenance on your equipment. We specialize in heating maintenance for these types of systems:

Preventive Maintenance Plans for Heating Systems From Ready & Able

If you live in Harrisburg, York, Hershey or a nearby town, let us maintain your system all year long. As a member of our HVAC Maintenance Agreement Plan, you receive a wide range of benefits at an affordable rate. We schedule regular system tune-ups and offer maintenance service for customers who sign up for our plan. You can also get discounts on select services from our experts.

Ready & Able offers convenient and affordable preventative maintenance plans that let you have all necessary services completed on schedule and save you money. Contact us today for more information!

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