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Grinder Pump Repairs

With systems such as a grinder pump, most homeowners have the luxury of not needing to think about their home’s sewage removal system. However, if your grinder pump fails or requires maintenance, you may need the assistance of a professional plumber quickly to avoid larger issues. At Ready & Able, our expert plumbers are available to help with grinder pump repairs so you can go back to not worrying about your sewage system.

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What To Know About Grinder Pumps

You’ll find your grinder pump at the low spot of your house or in your yard. This pump works much like a garbage disposal that is designed for sewage. Your wastewater first gathers in a holding tank. Once the waste reaches a certain level, the pump will begin to grind the waste. After grinding the waste, the pump will generate pressure to dispose of the wastewater to the public sewer line.

Grinder pumps are typically in homes that are located below the public sewer line. A grinder pump is necessary to prevent sewage from flowing back to the house and causing contamination. If your house is higher than the sewer line, you most likely use a gravity-based system to send water to the sewer system.

Like most appliances, your grinder pump may need repairs or replacement. A grinder pump uses electricity, which makes it susceptible to damage if the power goes out. The motor may also eventually burn out after many years of use.
If you notice that your toilets are clogging frequently or a smell coming from your drains, it may be time for a grinder pump replacement. At Ready & Able, Inc., our experts are available to help you with grinder pump repair or replacement in your area.

Our Sewage Grinder Pump Service

Grinder Pumps are designed for use where the building wastewater needs to be pumped uphill a considerable height to the public sewer system. Myers Grinder Pump Systems often have a large gray control box mounted on the outside of the home with a red warning light that signals a high water level in the basin. When the warning light operates, you should stop using water immediately and call Ready & Able. An annual maintenance agreement program is available with Ready & Able to keep the grinder pump system in top operating condition. Purchase a Maintenance Agreement and become a member of our VIP Customer program.  Our maintenance agreement includes PlumbingHeatingAir Conditioning, Pump Service and Drain cleaning.

If your home requires a grinder pump installation, the plumbing professionals at Ready & Able are happy to help. We offer a one-year warranty for all of our work, so you can feel confident that you’ll receive quality service for any installation or repairs. With over two decades of experience in the business, Ready & Able is a name you can trust to get the job done right.

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