What Is a Sump Pump?

What Is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a small pump that is typically installed in the lowest area of a home such as a basement or crawl space, and its purpose is to remove excess water or sewage. In addition to sump pumps, we provide a variety of wastewater pump services and installations.


  • Traditional sump pumps are common in areas of the country where there is lots of rain or substantial snow that can flood a basement when it melts. They are instrumental in diverting water away from the foundation, where it could cause significant damage if allowed to collect.
  • Sewage lift pumps are part of self-contained systems, and are often found in homes where the septic system is above the basement floor. Homes that have bathroom basements frequently have this type of sump pump. It lifts the sewage out of the basement to the sewer line. New Cumberland, PA plumbers can assist you with all your sump pump needs.

How They Work

A sump pump is usually installed in a specifically designed pit with a gravel base. When the pit fills up with water, the pump automatically switches on. The pump pushes the water out of the home through pipes that terminate far enough away where it will not harm the foundation. Our plumbers at Ready & Able Plumbing are skilled at explaining all the details about how a sump pump works and are familiar with diagnosing and repairing any sump pump issues you may have.

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