Heating Ductless Mini Splits in Harrisburg, PA

Install Your New Ductless Mini Split Heating System

Mini Splits utilize two primary components: a compressor that stays outside of the home, and an air-handling unit indoors. Linked by a conduit, the two components work together to regulate temperate in every room where the unit is placed.

Due to the setup of mini splits, they’re a great option for heating individual rooms – or zoning. Depending on the home’s heating system, you can have multiple air-handling units connected to the one outdoor unit, and every indoor unit is controlled by its own thermostat.

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So – What Are the Benefits of Using a Mini Split Heating System?

Ductless mini split systems are small, relatively light-weight, and easier to install and move. The indoor air-handlers can be affixed to a wall, ceiling, or floor – providing the opportunity to adjust the placement in a way that best suits your home.

Because there are no ducts, energy cannot escape or dissipate due to ducts that are all-too-often constructed for inevitable energy loss in the future. When ducts allow heat to dissipate, utility bills go up. For savings to ongoing utility bills and energy preservation, ductless mini split heating systems are a great option.

Thanks to more energy and heat being preserved, less money will be thrown away on heat that never ends up playing a role in keeping your home and family warm. For savings to ongoing utility bills and energy preservation, ductless mini split heating systems are a great option.

As mini splits are designed to provide an individualized approach to heating, units function well by providing a more linear, controlled approach to the exact temperature of every room in your home. Is there a room that you rarely use, or is separate from the main living space of your home? Ductless mini splits are a great option for these situations, because you don’t want to waste money heating rooms that you will never be in.

The small, compact size of ductless mini split systems provides much more opportunity to integrate the system into the layout of your home, and ensure that it fits your interior design preferences. With a simple installation that involves a only a small hole to provide room for the conduit, your home will look just as sleek and welcoming as it did before.


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What is a Ductless Mini Split System?

What is a ductless mini split?

  • An HVAC system that doesn’t need any ducts for air conditioning
  • Good for renovations and add-ons without ductwork

How do ductless mini splits work?

  • Indoor air handling unit and outdoor compressor work together
  • Indoor unit sends conditioned air into living space
  • Outdoor unit absorbs or dispenses heat

What do ductless mini split systems do?

  • Provide both heating and cooling for the entire house
  • Allow you to control individual room temperatures

Take control of your heating and cooling with a ductless mini split system!

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