Iron and pH Treatment in Harrisburg, PA

Iron and pH Treatment in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Most water systems carry a bit of iron, but too much can come with a range of unsightly symptoms, like a metallic taste, a reddened color and clogged pipes. An abundance of iron is often accompanied by an off-balance pH, leaving you with two challenges to tackle.

You’ve got enough on your plate already. That’s why the professionals at Ready & Able are here to help. When you need quality, affordable water treatment services for your home in Central PA, we’ll be there to restore your water system to the way it was meant to be.

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How Does Iron Get Into Water?

The most common way iron gets into water in a city is through the water pipes. Older pipe configurations are often made from iron or steel casings, and over time these pipes start rusting and corroding, leeching iron into your water supply. It can also come from natural sources, like soil and rock, when rain and snow runoff collect before reaching the water system.

There are a few types of iron that could be in your water, some much more visible than others:

  • Ferrous iron: Ferrous iron is invisible and dissolves in water. It cannot be filtered through conventional methods — it must go through chemical separation.
  • Ferric iron: Sometimes referred to as red-water iron, this is the type that leaves behind those telltale reddish-brown stains in the shower. Ferric iron is oxidized ferrous iron, and due to the chemical changes it undergoes, it can be filtered out of water.
  • Colloidal iron: Colloidal iron occurs when the ferric iron particles don’t stick together. This makes it almost as challenging to filter as ferrous iron.
  • Organic iron: This iron is called pink-water iron or heme iron. It’s not as red as its ferric and colloidal counterparts because it combines with other organic matter in the water.

How to Lower pH in Your Water

To most effectively remove the iron from your water system, the first step is ensuring your water is at the proper pH level. Oxidation only occurs when pH levels rise above 6.8. To filter out the majority of iron, your system has to have a pH more basic than 6.8 to convert the ferrous iron into filterable ferric iron.

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Our Iron and pH Treatment System

The quality of your water is crucial to your whole home’s health. Even if you drink bottled water, your running water is what you wash your dishes with, bathe in and probably cook with. You may be taking in extra iron and suboptimal water without even noticing.

When you call Ready & Able, we’ll make sure this is a concern you can forget about. Our pH treatment service puts your water at the ideal level and allows us to implement a filtration system that supplies you with constant access to fresh, clean water.

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