Top Five Summer Plumbing Maintenance Problems

Top Five Summer Plumbing Maintenance Problems

While summer is a time for fun and outdoor leisure, it is also a very common season for plumbing maintenance issues. If you suspect that your home is in danger of experiencing one of these common malfunctions, be sure to call our specialists at Ready & Able Plumbing to investigate your plumbing. Here are the top five summer plumbing maintenance problems.

1. Common Clogs

When school is out, having the kids home means that your plumbing fixtures are used more frequently. This can lead to clogged toilets, sinks, and other drains during this warm season. Luckily, most of these daily clogs can be easily removed with a plunger, but feel free to call us, your local New Cumberland, PA plumbers, if you need some extra assistance.

2. Washing Machine Malfunctions

More beach days and vacations can equal a hefty laundry pile in most households. Make sure that your plumbing maintenance is up to date on your washing machine as it is bound to get quite a workout this season. This is not only one of the top five summer plumbing maintenance problems, you could argue it’s No. 1.

3. Garbage Disposal Breakdowns

In this warm and beautiful weather, many families are opting for outdoor parties and barbeques. If leftover food and grease makes its way into your garbage disposal, you could be facing blade damage to your system. In order to avoid this common problem, make sure to throw your leftovers in the garbage rather than down your sink. You could also run cold water through your disposal both before and after use to help prevent any back-ups.

4. Sprinkler Failures

As you prepare your lush lawn this season, make sure to properly check all of your sprinkler heads for any damage that could have occurred during the harsh winter months. You should also be careful while mowing, as it is common to accidentally damage your sprinklers if they are not properly lowered.

5. Sewer Line Problems

During the spring, new roots may have popped up and penetrated your sewer system. In heavy rainfall areas, extreme rain can penetrate cracks in your aging system, causing your sewer to back up. Be sure to have us take a look if you suspect any potential damage to your sewer line.

If you experience any of these top five summer plumbing maintenance problems, contact Ready & Able at 717-963-2034. Our professionals are available 24 hours a day to assist you with your summer plumbing needs.

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