What to Do When Your Pipes Freeze and Crack

Frosty weather can damage the plumbing system in your house in several different ways, including freezing and cracking pipes. Ruptured plumbing is a pain to deal with. The expansion of frozen water results in the accumulation of high pressure, which eventually leads to the formation of cracks and leaks.

In due time, the pipes will experience a total rupture. Fortunately, you can take several key steps to fix and prevent freezing pipes during the winter in Etters, PA.

1. Call a Plumber ASAP

Because of the seriousness of the situation, frozen or fractured pipes require prompt intervention. You should call a plumber as soon as possible to come and take a look at the damage. Water damage, structural problems, and even mold development can result from burst pipes.

The plumber can quickly defrost frozen areas, fix or replace broken pipes, and put safeguards in place. Their extensive knowledge and experience will minimize the damage to your property. It’ll also stop the pipes from freezing and cracking in the future.

2. Apply Heat Tape

Plumbers carefully cover exposed pipes in risky places using heat tape. By keeping the pipes’ temperature above freezing, the tape prevents freezing via controlled warmth generation. It’s carefully spread out throughout the pipe’s length. The severity of the weather and the pipes’ sensitivity determine the frequency of heat tape application. This is why plumbers take into account the unique requirements of each job.

3. Seal Air Leaks

To keep the plumbing system in good repair and avoid further water damage, it is essential to plug any air leaks correctly. Plumbers usually use weatherstripping or caulking to stop the leaks. This lessens the likelihood of freezing by sealing up any openings that may let cold air in.

4. Let Faucets Drip

Etters experiences about 26 inches of snow each year. The average low during the coldest part of winter is 24 degrees Fahrenheit. A smart way to keep pipes from freezing and cracking during this harsh winter weather is to let faucets drip when it is extremely cold and the house is prone to pipe freezing. Water can’t pool and freeze if faucets drip to release the pressure inside the pipes.

Because of this constant flow, pipe expansion and cracking are less likely to occur. This technique is a quick and easy approach to protect your plumbing from the cold. It will help reduce the risk of damage and make sure you have a steady water supply even when it’s really cold.

5. Install Pipe Sleeves

Skilled plumbers can fix and strengthen pipes that are prone to freezing and cracking by installing pipe sleeves. Wrapping exposed pipes with these sleeves, usually constructed of foam or other insulating materials, requires precise fitting. This insulation adds a buffer against cold weather by keeping the temperature steady. It also protects sensitive pipe sections, including those in unheated rooms, from freezing and cracking.

6. Install Insulated Doors

Another way to prevent pipes from freezing and cracking is to install insulated doors. The most important doors to update are the exterior doors that lead to cold spaces, such as basements or garages. Insulated doors provide a thermal barrier that keeps cold air out and warm air inside.

7. Upgrade to Frost-Proof Faucets

Installing frost-proof faucets is a smart move for homeowners who want to protect their pipes from the damaging effects of freezing temperatures. When turned off, the water drains out of the exposed part of these faucets, which is an innovative design that prevents water from freezing and cracking pipes.

8. Maintain a Steady Temperature

Preventing pipes from freezing requires regular HVAC maintenance. A well-maintained heating system will keep the inside at a constant temperature throughout the whole home. This eliminates cold areas that might cause pipes to freeze. To ensure the HVAC system complements your home’s plumbing system, scheduling annual HVAC maintenance is a must.

If your home has frozen or cracked pipes, you need to contact a plumber right away. Ready & Able Plumbing, Heating & Air is here to meet all of your plumbing and HVAC needs. We specialize in AC and heater installations and repairs, duct cleaning, indoor air quality, water treatment services and much more. Give us a call now to schedule pipe repair services for your home in Etters.

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