3 Questions to Ask for Choosing the Perfect Water Heater

When making that purchase of a new water heater, you can’t just go and pick one up from the hardware store without first doing your research and asking yourself the right questions. In fact, there are three specific things you need to consider beforehand. Let’s discuss those in this month’s blog post.

Three Questions

1. What Fuel Do I Prefer? Not surprisingly, as with most appliances, there are several different kinds that run on different fuels. Some are electric, some run on natural gas, and some run on propane. Depending on what kind of appliances most make up your home, that should help you determine which fuel type you prefer for the new water heater.

2. Do I Want it To Be Tankless? This is an incredibly energy-efficient option, should you choose it. It essentially works on demand; you don’t have a tank of standing water being heated, but instead the tankless unit heats water as needed.

3. What Size Heater – or Capacity – Do I Need?  This question kind of tag teams with another question you need to ask yourself, how many people will use this on a daily basis? If you have lots of family members that live with you, meaning lots of daily showers, you may want to consider a larger capacity water heater. Because, let’s face it, you have larger capacity of hot water users in your home.

The Answers To Your Water Heater Decision

Once you’ve answered these three questions, you’re set to purchase that new water heater. And hopefully, it’s a perfect fit for your home. Contact our New Cumberland team for more information or guidance; we’re happy to help! 717-963-2034

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