Winter in New Cumberland: Here’s What to Do!

As a New Cumberland resident, you know that the Valley has lots of things to do and see year-round. Even in the wintertime, there’s always something to do. Let’s talk in this post about some of our favorite things to do in the New Cumberland area in the winter.

New Year, New Year’s Resolutions

If you’re like most, you’ve set some resolutions to be a better version of you. This might involve finally starting that business venture or reading more books. Well, New Cumberland can help you accomplish both. You can join the Business and Professional Group and attend their weekly meetings. This will help you get a grapple on what the business climate is for our community.

As well, if you were wanting to read more books, you can join the New Cumberland Library’s Great Books Discussion Group. They’re ramping up for a great 2016; and you can easily get in on the action because they meet on Monday evenings.

Go to a Show at West Shore

We all know and love the West Shore Theatre, but we don’t go very often. Here’s your chance. Support your local theatre and head over to West Shore. It’s a fun family outing, as well as a quaint date night spot.

Whatever you do, do it in New Cumberland. Even in winter, our community is thriving! At the least Ready & Able team members think so! (717) 963-2034

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