The Basics of Bathtub Repair

Every time you get in that bathtub and you see that same crack, you wonder: “Is water getting in there and rotting what’s under my tub?” Well, maybe you don’t think this, but you should. Bathtub cracks happen but they don’t have to exist for long. Let’s talk about the basic ways to repair your bathtub, preventing water damage and rot from happening underneath.

Cracks in the Tub

Cracks happen as a surface wears down. You can bet that constant water exposure is breaking down the material of your tub. As such, you may get that dreaded crack we just discussed earlier. Well, an easy fix is to apply a resin coat on top of the crack. This should be done when the tub is completely dry – and clean! – as you don’t want water or other material to get underneath the resin you apply.

Most hardware stores will sell the type of resin you need, so be sure to ask an associate at the store for the correct product. Additionally, there are paints and coatings you can get to cover the resin. The resin color may not match your tub color at all, so be sure to pick up a color match of coating.

Should I Just Replace It?

This may be a question you’re asking yourself. You may be asking this because the crack is significantly large or the task of the repair seems daunting. If either of these is the case, you may want to look into the cost of a new tub. Be to be sure, attempt to repair it before replacing it, as that is the less expensive route.

Too Far Gone For Repair…

Call our team at Ready & Able! Our qualified technicans can come out and assess the crack, telling you the best solution. If you need help with your cracked tub, we’re the team to call! 717-963-2034

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