What to Do with a Cracked Toilet Tank

When you have a cracked toilet tank, things can turn nasty really quick. A toilet tank holds a significant amount of water. A small crack can quickly flood your entire bathroom and cause a lot of damage. Depending on the crack location and size, it may be fixable. Here is what you can do with a cracked toilet tank.

Crack Located on the Outside

When the crack is located on the outside of the tank, it is easier to spot. Make sure that you get up close and personal to determine the severity of the crack. If it looks like a hairline crack, this can be cosmetic and may need any attention. If the hairline crack is moving or getting bigger, a professional can repair this quickly. Anything bigger than a hairline fracture may warrant a replacement. When in doubt, call your local plumber who has experienced in toilet leaks.

Crack Located Inside the Tank

To check and see if the crack is located inside, you will need to drain the tank to get a good look. Turn the tap off beneath the toilet and flush until the tank starts to empty. Take a look inside with a flashlight to search for cracks. If you see hairline cracks on the top of the tank, these are cosmetic and do not require repair. Any hairline cracks below the waterline will require a bit of patching with epoxy. Larger cracks below the water line means the toilet needs to be replaced entirely. While a patch can be done DIY, it is always best to consult with a professional plumber. Cracked toilet tanks are not something that you want to mess around with.

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