Why is My Sink Water Brown, Cloudy, Yellow?

We receive customer calls pretty often that mention yellowish or brown water, as well as white or cloudy water. Let’s set the record straight on why your water may look like this, what you should do about it, and when to do something.

When to Be Concerned and What to Do

First and foremost, if your water is cloudy and white, this is not something to worry about. This tends to mean that their is a lot of air in your water. However, this is not problematic. If you’re wanting to drink it, that’s fine, just set it out on a counter and the cloudiness should disappear.

If your water is brown or yellow, this is a different. Not necessarily a bad one, but a different situation. This can mean that the pipes carrying the water have not been used in a while. There may be iron buildup in the pipes since they haven’t been used, which can cause the discoloration.

This coloring should eventually go away. However, if it doesn’t, it may signal a larger problem.

If The Color Doesn’t Go Away…

If the color is temporarily yellow or brown – or white – it shouldn’t be a problem to your overall health. If the color stays yellow or brown for a long period of time, this may cause concern. Call the Reay & Able team to have your pipes and your water supply inspected by qualified experts! (717) 963-2034.

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