5 Handy Gadgets to Help You Save Water

It is no secret that we – as a whole society – can be wasteful with water. We live in a nation where water is easily accessible. But as we experience droughts and changing times, we need to become conscious of just how much water we’re actually using. It can surprise us when we find out we’re using significantly more than we thought. So, the team here at Ready & Able Plumbing decided we’d blog on some simple – often inexpensive – gadgets that can help you conserve water and save a little money on that bill in the process.

Five Handy Things

We suggest that our customers get water pitchers for their homes. Often, people just stick a cup under the running sink water to get a drink. However, with a pitcher, no water ever goes down the drain.

Make your own or purchase a rain collection barrel. This can serve you later on when you need to water your lawn or want to wash your car. Rainwater can easily be collected and reused for various purposes around the exterior of your home.

Speaking of outdoor water conservation, get a timer. Surprisingly, we tend to space out when we’re watering our lawns with the garden hose. A timer will help you keep track of how long it takes you to water, which is probably less time than you think.

On your garden hose, be sure to use a nozzle head that stops the flow of water unless you pull the handle/trigger. This keeps water from being wasted down the driveway when you set the hose down.

Finally, try getting a water-efficient shower head. You can get this at most hardware stores for under $20. This goes a long way, as much water is used on those family members who take forever in the shower.

Simple Changes Make a Huge Difference

Our team at Ready & Able has even more suggestions for water conservation. For tips, tricks, hints, and pro advice, contact our team at 717-963-2034.

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