How to Give Your Kitchen Fixtures an Energy-Saving Makeover

Upgrading your kitchen, i.e. giving it a makeover, can be exciting for any homeowner. It’s the time in which we pick out the new gadgets we want and the new cabinets we’ve dreamed of. With that being said, you can make these elaborate changes to your kitchen fixtures while still being energy efficient. In fact, this makeover time could actually be a way to totally revamp your kitchen into an energy-saving machine!

Low-Flow Kitchen Faucets and Energy-Efficient Overhead Fixtures

A low-flow kitchen faucet is the number one way a kitchen sink user can save water. It decreases the amount of water that flows out of your faucet at a time, ensuring that you don’t use as much water as you normally would. This is usually done by a tool inside the faucet called an “aerator.” It serves to add bubbles to the water, so it sort of thins out the water as it flows from of the faucet.

Next up, consider energy efficient overhead lighting and fans. Nowadays, you can purchase fans that use less energy or you can use light bulbs in the fixture that are energy efficient. These simple changes can make a huge impact.

Upgrade to Efficiency!

Making those makeover changes can not only be easy but can also make your home and kitchen more energy efficient. Consider going green, because in the long run, it’ll save you money on your utilities! Contact the pros at Ready & Able Plumbing for more info, including more on low-flow faucets, at 717-963-2034.

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