Water well services Harrisburg, PA

In Harrisburg, PA, well water is a source of water for many of our residents. A well pump brings the water from the well to the home for use. Wells have been used by humans since ancient times and are even mentioned in the Bible and other ancient documents. Modern wells have come a long way from the hand dug wells of ancient times, but still face similar problems of well water contamination and drying up. Even when Harrisburg, PA isn’t experiencing drought conditions, a well can dry up. The experts at Ready & Able Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling are your local well experts and can solve any of your water well problems.

A well drying up can be a temporary problem due to low ground water and drought conditions. When the ground water falls lower than the depth of the well, the well temporarily dries up. Once the groundwater returns the well will start working again. However, a well can permanently dry up due to an overused aquifer. An aquifer is an area of rock that contains water or where water can move freely. It is rare for a well to dry up but if an aquifer is overused it can happen. That is why it is very important to conserve water. If you are experiencing even a temporary absence of water then this may be a sign of future problems. A permanent solution is to drill a new well that is deeper and or reaches an area with a better water supply. A temporary solution for a well dry up is to have a tank of water placed outside your home with a pump that sends the water to the home. The well experts at Ready & Able are able to dig water wells, install and refill temporary water tanks, and fix any of your well pump problems. If you are experiencing problems with your well water give the Harrisburg, PA well water experts at Ready & Able a call today.  And in our next blog we will give you some excellent tips on water conservation…so keep your eyes out for our next blog.

The experts at Ready & Able plumbing, heating and cooling can size up any job and give you the information and options you need. And with free estimates, flat rate pricing, guarantees on our labor and products, 24/7 emergency service, and screened employees, you are guaranteed to have a good experience with our company. We are here to make your life easier and 100% customer satisfaction is what we strive for. For testimonials, money-saving tips, and coupons, visit us on the web. And feel free to call us  717-963-2034 when problems arise or with any questions or concerns. Ready & Able is ready to help you, anytime, anywhere!

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