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Well Services in Harrisburg & New Cumberland PA and Surrounding Areas from the Experts

Well services are a very important part of our job here at Ready & Able. If your water supply comes from a well, it’s important to make sure that not only the quality of the water is safe and healthy, but also that you have the appropriate products to guarantee fast, efficient, quality water flow for your home. Sometimes well water has difficulty pumping, which is why well pumps are so useful. Ready & Able installs, repairs, and replaces various types of well pumps to make sure that the water supply for your home is getting to you as quickly and easily as possible.


As a full-service plumbing company, we are also very experienced in working with well tanks and pump controls, which regulate your home water flow. In fact, we specialize in this equipment. If your water isn’t flowing as quickly and as efficiently as it should be, our plumbing technicians can meet with you individually in order to determine the best plan to improve your well water supply and how effectively it reaches your home.  For more information on well pumps, booster pumps and well tanks please read below. For information on other types of pumps or pump controls visit our pumps page or give us a call.

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Booster Pumps

Booster pumps are used when it comes to water management and water management systems in both public and private settings. They even out water pressure in areas where water has varying flow rates.  They can also be used to enhance low system pressure to an increased rate. When installed, they are put at the connection point between the water supply pipe and the primary building.

Well Pumps

The purpose of a well pump is to extract water from the underground water source that your well is built on. No two wells are exactly alike in depth, circumference or the amount of available water. Well pumps differentiate as well in order to accommodate different sized wells and achieve different results. Ready & Able can help you determine which type of well pump will best suit your needs and your well.

Depending on how far up the water needs to travel your well pump will need to be mounted above or inside the well. If the well is around 25’ feet or less it is likely best to use an above ground, shallow well jet pump. However, if the depth is between 25’ to 110’ than a deep well jet pump will work best. Both of these options are mounted outside of or above the well. The other option is to use a submersible well pump which is placed inside of the well and works best in well’s ranging from 25’ to 400’ deep. This is not always the best option because an oversized pump can not only hurt the pumps performance, but be costly due to energy waste. Our well pump experts and Ready & Able will be able to tell you which well pump will be the perfect fit for your well and usage.

Some other components that we offer include Pressure Switch’s, Pressure Tanks, Check and Foot Valves and Booster Pumps.

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