Pipes 102: Plumbing Pipes in your Harrisburg, PA home that are Metal

In our last blog we discussed the various plastic pipes that can be found in your Harrisburg, PA home or business. In this blog, as promised, we will discuss the different types of metal pipes and their strengths and weaknesses. The most common metal pipes you can find in your home are copper, galvanized steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and lead. Black iron pipes never transport water. They are used exclusively for gas.

Copper pipes

Copper is a great material for plumbing pipes.  It is flexible, heat tolerant and is very resistant to corrosion and pipe leaks. Copper is sensitive to cold weather, can split when frozen, and therefore needs to be insulated. It is also difficult to work with and requires exactness when measuring, cutting, and soldering. The biggest drawback of copper is that it is expensive. Because of its cost it is very attractive to thieves and can be stolen from job sites. Most people are turning to less expensive PEX (plastic) pipes.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron piping is very heavy. It is mainly used for drainage because of its weight. Today if cast iron piping begins to fail or leak most will replace it with PVC piping because it joins well with the cast iron. Most new construction does not use Cast Iron piping but you may find it in older homes. It is usually gray in color.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel piping is mostly used in areas where pipes may come into contact with salt water because stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion. They are also very expensive, even more expensive than copper piping. Because of its price stainless steel piping is very rare.

Galvanized Steel and Lead piping

Galvanized Steel pipes and copper pipes are the most common types of pipe you will find in your home. However, unlike copper pipes, galvanized steel can be dangerous for your health. When galvanized pipes erode they can leach cadmium into your water. Similarly, lead pipes are no longer used because lead can leach into the water with serious health consequences. However, you may still find lead pipes in older homes, businesses, and constructions. If you suspect that your Harrisburg, PA home, business, place or worship, or where you play has lead or galvanized steel pipes you should contact a trained and experienced local plumber to come out and test the water for lead and other dangerous metals. You should ask your place of worship or places where your children play if they know about their plumbing pipes since children and the elderly are most effected by heavy metals in drinking water.

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