Buying a New Home? Here’s Plumbing Issues to Look Out For

Buying a new home this year? As experts in plumbing, here’s some sound advice to buyers: look for any plumbing issues before you make the purchase! Being aware of what you’re in for at the new house can save you a world of money and stress.

Plumbing Issues to Look Out For

Ensure that you check your pipes first and foremost. This seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes, the excitement of buying a home can cause people to overlook other issues. Don’t overlook the pipes. Check all visible pipes for signs of leaking or corrosion. This includes checking the crawl spaces and basements for leaking, damaged pipes. If there is a puddle of water in the basement where there usually wouldn’t be, this can be a tell tale sign of leaky pipes.

Also, make sure to check the toilets and faucets. This is the more immediate way to see if you might face plumbing issues, as these working correctly are direct results of pipes functioning properly. You will want to flush every toilet in the home to make sure there is adequate water pressure. Also test all the showers and faucets water pressure and check to see how long it takes for the water to get warm. If it takes a long time for the water to get warm then there might be an issue with the water heater.

Finally, don’t forget to check any appliances in the home that use water. This may include the water heater, the refrigerator, and the dish washer. If these aren’t getting water or are leaky, you may have to have the problem taken care of before you even move in one box or piece of furniture.

If You’ve Found Plumbing Issues

Don’t let plumbing issues deter you from buying the home you really want to live in. Just make sure you’re aware of what you’re dealing with beforehand. When buying an older home, know that the plumbing may eventually need an update. For a newer home, check to see if plumbing was done by a professional. If you’re not sure, contact Ready & Able Plumbing to come inspect your plumbing before you move in. We can tell you what costs you may face down the line, so you don’t get caught with costly and unexpected plumbing issues.  (717) 963-2034

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