How to Know if You Need Water Heater Repair

Your water heater is something that you (no doubt) take for granted. You turn on your faucet, hot water comes out, and you never really give it a second thought. But what happens when that water stays cold? Or (worse than that) you notice no difference in the water temperature, but your energy bill has skyrocketed.


The first and easiest sign of a problem with your water heater is that you have no hot water, although you could possibly break that description down a little further. For example, there may be water coming from the faucet but it’s not hot, or there is no water coming from the faucet at all.

Energy Usage

If your energy usage seems to have climbed dramatically, that can be a good indicator of something not being right. Only further investigation by an expert will reveal exactly what is wrong, but more often than not, it will come down to a home appliance.


Depending on where your hot water heater is located, spotting leaks can be quite easy. You must remember that by the time you are seeing evidence of a leak, there is a good chance that the leak has been there for some time, filling up the easier-to-reach spaces before leaking out of the unit.

If you have any concerns about your hot water heater, talking to a professional could help you resolve them. But rather than waiting for a problem to rear up, think about having some preventative maintenance carried out on your heater. A good technician will spot any problems before they happen.

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