Family-Friendly Destinations in New Cumberland

Maybe you and the family are tired of doing the same activities. Well, it’s time to incorporate some new destinations into your routine. Check out these family-friendly locations in New Cumberland:

Fountainblu Skating Arena

There is fun for the entire family at Fountainblu Skating Arena. You and your family can participate in fun public skating events that feature a live DJ and dancing. If you want something extra, the arena holds other events, such as exercise classes.

Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts

The Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts is sure to interest both children and adults. Some of the attractions include the Science Center, which spans three floors. You can learn about many science-related concepts, such as nature and the human body. Live educational programs and demonstrations are also held at the Science Center. Don’t forget to check out movies in the cinema and live performances at the theater.

Monkey Joe’s

Monkey Joe’s is a great atmosphere designed for children 12 and younger to have an indoor play area. Children have the opportunity to do all the fun things they may not be able to do at home, such as jump, slide and climb on items. Smaller children can also have fun in a designated play area made specifically for the little ones.

City Island

At City Island, there are plenty of activities to bring out the kid in everyone. You can enjoy taking the children out to the batting cages and letting them practice, while the adults practice too. Trade in your cash for tokens and enjoy games at the arcade. Lastly, grab some hand-dipped ice cream for a quick treat.

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