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    When you need quality home water treatment, turn to Ready & Able Plumbing, Heating & Air for water softeners in Dover, PA. Households with city water connections can already count on their drinking water to maintain a high level of quality.

    For Water Filtration Systems look to the Dover, PA. Plumbing Pros at Ready & Able Plumbing, Heating & Air!

    However, many cities don’t account for the hardness of the water as it poses no significant risk to your health. Unfortunately, it can cause other issues like mineral buildup and water wastefulness. Whether you need softer water or want filtration options like reverse osmosis, we’re the team to count on.

    Dover Homes Need Water Softeners

    Most of the families in the United States have hard water. This means that their drinking water is high in minerals like calcium and magnesium. While these minerals won’t harm your well-being, they can affect your plumbing system and appliances.

    Hard water can leave deposits on your faucets and sinks, causing an unpleasant white or green film that can be difficult to scrub off. You may find your washing machine or dishwasher struggling to get your belongings clean.

    The high mineral content will also increase how long it takes to produce an effective lather, making it hard to wash your hands or hair. It’s not uncommon for some family members to have skin reactions like dryness or itchiness.

    The most effective way to decrease your water’s hardness is with a softener. These whole-home filtration systems remove the excess minerals with a process called ion exchange. The water will flow into a mineral tank filled with resin beads.

    These beads have a negative charge while the calcium and magnesium carry positive charges. As the minerals attach to the beads, the sodium is released into the water. Your water then travels out of the tank and into your pipes.

    The salt-based ion exchange softener is the most commonly used system in residential homes. You may also have the choice to use a salt-free system or a dual tank.

    Reverse osmosis systems can both soften and purify your drinking water. This multi-stage purification process utilizes a semi-permeable membrane to remove any dissolved minerals or salts. Using incredible pressure, it pushes your water through the membrane and forces impurities out.

    This system is eco-friendly and can remove up to 99% of the solids dissolved in your water. If you have any health or diet concerns about extra sodium in your water, you should consider a reverse osmosis purifier over a standard softener.

    Check out these wonderful benefits of installing a reverse osmosis purification system in your home in Dover today:
    • Enhances your water’s look, taste and smell
    • Protects pipes from premature corrosion
    • High energy efficiency
    • Keeps water free of pathogens and metals

    Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Installation

    Started in 1998, Ready & Able Plumbing, Heating & Air has earned a reputation for integrity, expertise and top-rated service reliability. We’re focused on delivering superior customer satisfaction and specialized plumbing solutions that match your home’s needs.

    All of our installations come with amazing 10-year part and labor warranties. We’re BBB-accredited, veteran-owned, and have received recognition from the Harrisburg Magazine. In addition to offering financing on approved credit, we also boast regular discounts and promotions that can help you save even more.

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