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    If you find yourself with a shower that doesn’t drain or you constantly reach for the plunger with every flush, you might have problems with your sewer lines. The very mention of sewer services conjures up the image of deep trenches that destroy lawns and gardens.

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    It also means a huge bill that can seriously put a dent into family’s savings. Thankfully, there is another option. In York, PA, Ready & Able offers trenchless sewer repair that makes the water flow again without the upheaval to the lawn or the considerable costs to your household budget.

    York, PA. Sewer Line Cleaning

    Sewer lines run across the property of every home. Those lines start under the house and flow out to the main sewer line. That main line is typically maintained by the city. Anything that happens to the sewer pipes on your property will be your responsibility to repair.

    Unfortunately, the lines on your property are usually where all the trouble occurs. Often, the need for sewer services happens because of tree roots that have grown into the pipes or a collapse of an old pipe.

    No matter which scenario occurs, nothing that flows out of the house can get through the lines, and backups occur. And that backup might not be with just one toilet or drain but all of them.

    To assess the situation, Ready & Able sends a video camera down the line. That camera provides a good look at what is going on, which will help you decide on the best sewer service options. At the top of that list is trenchless sewer repair.

    Why does trenchless sewer repair matter? The average depth of a sewer line is between four to six feet. Imagine what it would take to dig up that much of your lawn.

    And that hole would not just be at the location of the problem. Instead, the dig involves several feet of the entire sewer line. That could mean a deep trench running the entire length of your home and front yard.

    When trenchless sewer repair is a viable option, Ready & Able Plumbing, Heating & Air offers hydrojetting. This process also goes by “sewer jetters” or “water jetters.” It is a highly effective method for clearing sewer pipes of any debris.

    That includes tree roots. A hydrojetter is much like a power washer that cleans your patio or vinyl siding. As the long hydrojetter hose goes down the drain, the pressurized water pulls the hose through the sewer lines. Along the way, it cleans around pipes and busts up the clogs.

    The main advantage of trenchless sewer repair is that it removes the need to dig up your lawn and gardens, but there are many more benefits you’ll want to factor into your decision.

    Here are some benefits to consider:
    • We can finish repairs in one day
    • The service is cost effective
    • Provides long-lasting results
    • The service is eco-friendly

    How much money can trenchless sewer line repair save you? It could be up to 50% less than a standard pipe replacement. That is money that won’t go down the drain!

    It only takes one sewer line clog to disrupt the household. That is why you want this job done right the first time. You also don’t want to wreck your property in the process.

    Professional Sewer Services in York, PA.

    Ready & Able Plumbing, Heating & Air knows how important it is to have consistent water flow. When the call comes in for help, you’ll deal directly with one of our team members, who will guide you through the entire process. We dispatch a friendly service crew to your home with the goal of clearing those sewer lines in a matter of hours.

    We help homeowners and businesses in York with a wide range of sewer services and plumbing repairs. And we take pride in every job. We’re not just saying that; we also stand behind that with an offer of a five-year warranty on all repairs.

    At the first sign of a slow drain or toilet that won’t flush in your York home, be sure to call Ready & Able Plumbing, Heating & Air for reliable sewer services. We’ll get the water flowing again fast!