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    Are you worried you might need Sewer Services in Mechanicsburg, PA? Your home’s sewer lines do a lot of work throughout the day, removing hundreds of gallons of wastewater. Don’t mess with any DIY, YouTube stuff, just call a Licensed Plumber and fix it right.

    Although they are sturdy and typically last a long time, it doesn’t mean they last forever. Like all plumbing components, they experience wear and tear and can malfunction.

    At Ready & Able, we know the importance of timely sewer repairs to prevent raw sewage backups in your home. In this post, you’ll learn more about the signs of sewer line problems and how our licensed plumbers solve these issues. 

    How Plumbers Handle Sewer Lines

    At Ready & Able, we use a few techniques to identify and repair sewer problems. The first thing we do to diagnose a sewer issue is use a waterproof video camera, which we thread through the pipe. As the camera moves through the pipe, it transmits live video footage back to a monitor that our plumbers view.

    The state-of-the-art technology provides valuable information about the condition of sewer lines, such as the location of blockages, any damages, and even the pipe’s approximate age. If we determine a sewer problem exists, we’ll make recommendations for repair or replacement. 

    Hearing you need sewer work done on your property can leave you wondering what comes next. Many people have heard sewer repair or replacement horror stories and immediately think the worst.

    At Ready & Able, we make it a point to offer our customers the least destruction methods for repairing or replacing damaged sewer pipes. 

    Years ago, the only option when repairing or replacing a sewer pipe was to dig a trench around the pipe and make hands-on repairs. These repairs required a lot of labor hours, as well as the use of excavation equipment and extensive digging.

    Homeowners had to replace dug-up landscaping and concrete surfaces, which added to the overall cost of repair or replacement. Today, we use trenchless sewer repair options to fix most pipe damage. Trenchless options include:

    Cured-in-place pipe lining (CPPL): We use this option to repair holes or cracks in sewer pipes and strengthen older pipes. Plumbers dig a small hole, no bigger than the pipe’s diameter, at the beginning and end of the sewer pipe.

    Then they insert an epoxy-coated liner. After placing the liner, plumbers allow it to cure for approximately 24 hours. The hardened liner seals any cracks, holes, or other damage and can last several decades. 

    Pipe bursting: If the pipe has too much damage, and our plumbers determine it needs replacing, they will use the trenchless option. In pipe bursting, our plumbers insert a small bursting head into the damaged pipe and break it apart while laying a new pipe behind it. The soil then absorbs the remnants of the old pipe.

    Fortunately, most sewer problems don’t happen out of the blue. They culminate from years of usage and subsequent damage. When you know how to spot the signs of potential sewer issues, you can schedule a sewer inspection to find out what’s happening in your pipes. 

    Here are some common signs of sewer damage.
    • Toilets clog frequently
    • Drains release water slowly
    • Foul odors come from the drains
    • Soggy, extra-green grass where the sewer pipe lies

    Never ignore these signs of a potential sewer problem. Instead, call for sewer services immediately. 

    We know sewer jobs can make you see dollar signs and feel overwhelmed. At Ready & Able Plumbing, Heating & Air, we do our best to find the most budget-friendly solutions. 

    Top-Rated Sewer Services in Mechanicsburg

    If you need plumbers to repair or replace your home’s sewer lines,, let the experts at Ready & Able handle it. We’ve served the greater Mechanicsburg area for over two decades and have a reputation for affordability, expertise, and reliability.

    You can count on our hassle-free plumbing services to keep water flowing in the right direction. If money is a concern, we offer financing options for jobs over a thousand dollars to help you get the repairs you need today. 

    To learn more about our sewer services in Mechanicsburg, PA., contact Ready & Able today!