Proper Temperature for your Residential and Commercial Water Heater in Harrisburg, PA

September is National Baby Safety Month, and it’s a good time to make sure your residential or commercial property is safe for children. Here are a few water heater plumbing safety tips for our Harrisburg, PA customers:

  • Ensure the area around the water heater is clean and no combustible or flammable materials are nearby.
  • Conserve energy while on vacation by adjusting the water heater temperature to its lowest setting.
  • When you return home, or when checking the temperature, ensure the temperature is not above 120° F because higher temperatures can cause scalding on young children.
  • Check the manufacturer’s guidelines or owner’s manual for the recommended maintenance schedule.
  • Always be sure to schedule your yearly maintenance checks to ensure your water heater is working safely and properly all year long.

Thankfully, adjusting the temperature on your residential or commercial property is fairly simple:

  1. Locate the temperature dial. Electric heaters may have a cover over the dial that you can remove a few screws to access. Gas heaters usually have a dial in a visible area.
  2. Turn the dial to the desired setting (either 120° F or “warm”, depending on the dial).
  3. Allow time for the water heater to adjust to the new settings. You may have to take a shower or use some of the hot water to decrease the temperature.
  4. Always check the water before allowing your children to touch it. This helps ensure the water is safe for their skin, which is more sensitive than the average adult’s.

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