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Water is one of the most precious resources in the world. Since the dawn of time, civilizations based their locations around supplies of water, and the success or fall of any one civilization often depended on their access to and control of a water source. Creating methods for harnessing and dispersing the water to a city was vital, especially for irrigating crops. Thus, the valuable skill of plumbing became highly important for the development of cities, homes, and entire civilizations. For example, reports show that Sargon the Great had six toilets in his privy, though they were quite different from modern toilets in that they had no water to fill the toilet or wash away the waste. However, we did take one major concept from these ancient privies: sewers and cesspools, which are used in Harrisburg, PA. Since then, we developed outhouses and private bathrooms; outhouses use the same concept as ancient bath houses in that they have a seat of some kind over a cesspool where the waste collects. Unfortunately, they emit a terrible smell for any who pass by.

However, over time, outhouses developed to more complicated structures (by the 1730s), and some became symbols of distinction, as would current bathrooms of the well-to-do. Dozens of years later a two-story model was built; the upper level was used when heavy snow blocked the first floor. How to bring a workable water closet into the house without mess or odor was an invention waiting to be born, however. Thomas Jefferson devised an indoor privy at his Monticello home by rigging up a system of pulleys that servants used to haul away chamber pots. By 1845, the installation of sanitary sewers began to pay off. With an outlet for waste water, indoor plumbing and working water closets were getting closer to fruition. Unfortunately, bad plumbing and the stench from open sewer connections made some new homes uninhabitable. Early in the 19th century, the stack was vented through the roof, but no one knew how to properly size the pipe. Through trial and error, the plumbers learned to increase the size of the pipe. As a result, we now have the wonderful modern toilet with the amazing ability to refresh water and remove waste from our homes without causing a horrible stench to fill our homes from the continued collection of waste under our homes.

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