Five Tips for Troubleshooting Leaky Sinks

Five Tips for Troubleshooting Leaky Sinks

That steady, disturbing “drip, drip, drip” that keeps so many homeowners up at night is often the result of a leaky sink. At Ready & Able Plumbing, we can fix that leak for you, and maybe spot a few other problem areas as well. However, for those homeowners who like to handle their own troubleshooting and repairs, here are a few tips for fixing the troublesome faucet:

Tip #1: Don’t Ignore the Leak

That tiny dripping sound might not sound like a lot of wasted water, but over time, you’ll find that the cost of ignoring a leak is high. You can experience water damage, pay higher water bills, and find yourself in the midst of a much larger water problem.

Tip #2: Gather the Right Tools

The right tools can simplify almost any job. You’ll probably need the following:

  • Phillips and flat-head screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • C-wrench
  • WD-40
  • Replacement parts such as washers and O-rings

Tip #3: Turn Off the Water Supply

One really quick way to turn a drip into a flood is to remove fixtures without turning off the water supply first. Learn from the mistakes of others. You should find knobs underneath the sink that control water flow at that point. If you aren’t sure where to shut off the water, give your friendly New Cumberland plumbers a call.

Tip #4: Make Sure That Your Replacement Parts Are the Right Size

Troubleshooting leaky sinks should be a money saving habit. As you loosen and remove the knobs, screws, handles, packing nuts, O-ring, and the washer inside the valve seat, make sure that any replacement parts are the exact fit. If you aren’t sure, you can take the old parts with you to the hardware store, or you can buy a package with multiple sizes.

Tip #5: Know When to Call a Professional

If you come across corrosion, or you make your replacements and still have a leak, then you may want to call in a professional, such as those at Ready & Able. We can help you with your troubleshooting tasks and complete any complicated repairs. Contact us at 717-963-2034.

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