Ductless Mini Split in York, PA.

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    There are many reasons why a homeowner might want a ductless mini-split in York, PA. Maybe their home already has central heating and cooling, but they added a room, or maybe they want to heat an outbuilding. We are a top rated, York, PA. HVAC Solutions Provider.

    Others might be building a home and decide to install ductless heating as an alternative to a ducted heat pump. Owners of historic homes, which generally can’t support ductwork, often go this route as well.

    Whatever your situation is, you’ll find ductless units to be quite versatile. First off, they provide both heating and cooling. If you’re familiar with how a central heat pump works, then a mini-split works the same way, only without ducts.

    The outdoor compressor pulls heat from the outside air to warm up the indoors, and the air handler inside pulls heat from the home to cool the indoors. A refrigerant line runs between the two units. The one difference is that the air handler, a small and compact unit, has the capacity to heat or cool one room, not an entire home.

    Installing a Ductless Heating/Cooling System

    One advantage to getting a ductless mini-split is ease of installation. You’ll find great flexibility in where to place the air handler and compressor.

    Hang the air handler from the wall or the ceiling. The refrigerant line can stretch for as long as 50 feet, letting you put the compressor in an inconspicuous area. You can hook up a total of eight air handlers to one compressor, giving you the equivalent of whole-house heating and cooling.

    These are other benefits of mini-splits:
    • Multi-zone heating and cooling
    • Directional airflow and other features
    • Durability, provided that you maintain the unit
    • A minimum of energy waste

    In general, mini-splits can last up to 30 years, again provided that you get regular, professional maintenance and don’t run them excessively. The energy savings come from the fact that these systems directly deliver air to your room.

    By contrast, ducted units lose much of their air through cracks and holes in the vents. You’ll enjoy, then, a reasonably low energy bill every month.

    York, PA. Ductless Mini-Split Experts

    You can consult with an experienced technician at Ready & Able Plumbing, Heating & Air if you’re thinking about mini-splits. We’ve been around since 1998, and we know what units fit what sort of homes.

    We provide free, no-obligation estimates with no hidden fees. Our veteran-owned company also offers some of the best warranties in the industry and will strive for your satisfaction at every step.

    Give us a call at Ready & Able Plumbing, Heating & Air, and we’ll set up your ductless heating and ductless cooling appointment here in York.