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    Maybe it’s a shed or garage that’s leading you to consider ductless heating in Dover, PA. Or maybe you added a room to your home and decided not to add more ductwork. There are many benefits to a ductless mini-split, beginning with the fact that it can fulfill both your heating and cooling needs. You’ll need a Dover, PA. Professional HVAC Company.

    And since you can hook up eight air handlers to one compressor, mini-splits are a viable alternative to ducted heat pumps. Many people constructing a new home, as well as the owners of old, historically valuable homes, choose to go this route.

    The way a mini-split works is simple because it’s basically a heat pump without the ducts. The other difference is that the air handler has a blowing capacity appropriate to a single room, not a whole house.

    A refrigerant line connects the air handler with the compressor outside. To heat a home, the compressor draws heat from outside; to cool a home, the air handler draws heat from inside. Below are some of the advantages to owning this sort of system.

    Dover Ductless Cooling

    It’s not hard to install a ductless cooling and heating unit. The refrigerant line isn’t wide and won’t create an ugly hole in your wall.

    The compressor might be an eyesore, but you can separate it from your air handler by a maximum of 50 feet. There’s flexibility in where to hang the air handler since it is a compact device and can fit in with any style of room.

    Here are the main benefits to owning a mini-split:
    • Great energy savings compared to ducted units
    • A long lifespan with the proper maintenance
    • Multiple temperature zones with multiple air handlers
    • Directional airflow and wireless access

    To be more exact, mini-splits could last you a good 30 years if you treat them right. This is almost twice the lifespan of a ducted heat pump. And you save energy primarily because a mini-split won’t lose any of your cool or warm air.

    Compare that with a central unit that always leaks out some air through its ductwork. Multi-zone cooling is a specialty of mini-splits because each air handler boasts its own thermostat.

    Ductless Mini-Split Experts in Dover, PA.

    Established in 1998, Ready & Able Plumbing, Heating & Air is a veteran-owned company with a team of highly trained technicians. We can handle any mini-split installation project. It all starts with a consultation and a free estimate. We back our work with some of the best warranties in the industry, too.

    For a consultation about ductless heating and cooling units in Dover, simply call Ready & Able Plumbing, Heating & Air today.