Backflow Testing & Certification in Cumberland, Dauphin, & York Counties

Backflow Testing & Backflow Certification in Cumberland, Dauphin, & York Counties

Many of our valued customers have received important notices from their local water companies informing them that they must get their backflow preventers tested or have a backflow device installed. At Ready & Able Plumbing, our certified backflow testers are here to help you in every step of the process to ensure that your backflow preventer is working properly so that you don’t have to worry about the water company terminating your access to the water supply.

Why is it important to have properly working backflow devices in Cumberland, Dauphin, and York Counties?

Your property’s backflow device prevents non-potable liquids from contaminating clean, drinkable water. If you don’t comply with your water company’s request for backflow testing, they may terminate your water service.

What can Ready & Able Plumbing’s certified backflow testers do to help?

  • Backflow Testing & Certification – We’ll test your backflow preventer to make sure that it is working properly. Then we can file the appropriate paperwork with your local water company.
  • Backflow Repair & Backflow Replacement – If your backflow device is not working properly, we will repair it if possible so that it meets requirements or replace it if necessary.
  • Backflow Installation – Our backflow installers can help you to choose and then install the appropriate backflow prevention device if your property does not already have one.

For backflow testing in Dauphin, York, and Cumberland Counties, call Ready & Able Plumbing. Our certified backflow assembly testers are here to answer your questions and take care of all your backflow service needs!

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