Three Most Common Uses for Septic Effluent Pumps

Three Most Common Uses for Septic Effluent Pumps

When a gravity-based septic system is not an option for your home, installing septic effluent pumps is a practical solution to make sure the water is running efficiently away from your house. While the installation of an effluent pump can be similar to a sump pump, you will need an additional pipe running outside of your home in order to remove any odor that may occur due to the waste. Our expert plumbers at Ready & Able Plumbing specialize in the installation and service of septic effluent pumps for home and office use.

1. Homes Below Grade Level

In some cases, geographical barriers lead to homes being built lower than the lines of their septic systems. When this occurs, a standard gravity-based septic system cannot properly expel fluids from your house. In order to ensure that the liquids are traveling away from your residence and into the tank, effluent pumps are used to keep water moving in a continuous outward flow.

2. Basement Bathrooms

Many basement bathrooms are below grade level. If your bathroom is placed lower than the sewage line entrance, which is typically about four feet below your home, septic effluent pumps are a great way to quickly and efficiently get wastewater out of the house.

3. Septic Systems With Other Challenges

Many individuals lack access to public sewers from their home or office location and require a septic field to remove waste. In this application, septic effluent pumps are an excellent solution as your septic tank could be placed at a more elevated level than your home.

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