The Plumbing Checklist Every Homeowner Should Have

The Plumbing Checklist Every Homeowner Should Have

If you are like most homeowners, then your plumbing system is probably a bit intimidating to you. Many homeowners do not know how to troubleshoot common plumbing problems, and most could not answer if you asked them what type of maintenance plan they are following for their plumbing system. Because your home is most likely the biggest investment you will make in your entire lifetime, it is important to keep it in good repair, which includes plumbing repair in New Cumberland as needed. If you want to avoid catastrophic plumbing problems, here is a plumbing checklist from Ready & Able that every homeowner should have and follow.

1. Visual Inspection

Many plumbing problems can be caught in their earliest stages by simply inspecting your plumbing system visually on a regular basis. Here is a plumbing checklist of things you should look for:

• Visible corrosion on water pipes (green, yellow, or orange stains)
• Leakage in the visible portion of pipes or watermarks seeping through the ceiling or walls
• Mildew on or near your pipes
• Rust on pipes or water heater
• Broken or corroding parts inside the toilet tank
• Cracks in washing machine hoses

If you notice any of these signs while visually inspecting your plumbing system, you should schedule an appointment for plumbing repair in New Cumberland.

2. Test Faucets

Not all plumbing problems are visibly apparent, so it is important to include a physical test all faucets in your plumbing checklist. Make sure the handles work properly and do not leak when the water is turned on or off.

3. Test Toilets

You may have a plumbing problem if your toilets do not flush properly or if they are constantly becoming clogged. After testing the flushing speed of your toilets, give them a good shove and make sure they are securely attached to the floor. If they wiggle, you may be dealing with a plumbing leak that should be repaired.

If you encounter any problems during your inspection that require plumbing repair in New Cumberland, call Ready & Able at 717-963-2034.

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