How Important It Is To Change Your HVAC Systems Air Filter

How Important It Is To Change Your HVAC Systems Air Filter

In today’s economic and ‘green’ climate, energy saving is king; saving money and saving the planet are high on many people’s agenda. Changing your HVAC system filter regularly can help with both.

Just as with your car, the air filter in your home HVAC system is crucial to the efficiency and performance of the system. A clogged filter will lead to increased running costs and a possibility of a premature failure of the system.

How often should you replace it?

That’s a good question! According to, you should look to replace your filter every month or every three months depending on the type. Always replace it with a top-quality replacement, remember that cheapest doesn’t necessarily mean the best value.

How do I do it?

Of course, you could always contact us directly to discuss it, but if we are out of your locality, you’ll find plenty of “how to” guides on the internet. Just be sure to understand everything before you start tearing into your system.

The benefits

A dirty or clogged air filter will slow down the airflow, this means that the furnace has to work harder to heat your home and the air conditioner also does the same to cool it – it doesn’t matter what season you’re in, it is still going to have an effect
The air filter is designed to keep out dust, dirt and other particles from your HVAC system. The better your system, the more efficient it is, leading to energy savings. It also helps to prolong the life of the system.

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