The Importance of Scheduled Air Conditioning Maintenance

The Importance of Scheduled Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning – the miracle of the modern world!
We all love our air conditioning, there is no doubt that when we are in the middle of those long, hot summer months, returning to a nicely cooled home is something that many of us could no longer be without. We take it for granted, not really giving it that much thought.

Utility Costs

Of course, running your air conditioner is a sure-fire way to increase your utility bills, again, many of us take those bills for granted, it is just a by-product of the world that we live in, but when your unit hasn’t been serviced in a while, those bills can skyrocket.

Potential Problems

Having your air conditioning unit regularly maintained is a great way of keep an eye on the overall system and to spot any potential problems before they turn into something more significant; generally speaking, it is much cheaper to repair a minor problem as part of a scheduled service call than it is once it has caused a failure and needs a technician to be called out specifically for it.

Keeping Cool

It is quite common for an in-efficient system to lose a few degrees of cooling power, but because it happens over time, you don’t really notice it.
This means that your home isn’t getting as cool as you’d like and that your AC unit has to work harder for longer, pushing those bills up again.

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