How to Unclog Sink Blockages

Few things are as annoying as a clogged sink. You may gradually notice water is having difficulty draining or the sink may get stopped up over-night. No matter the situation, the experts at Ready & Able Plumbing are available 24/7 to help you learn how to unclog sink blockages and with any other plumbing problems.

Figuring Out the Cause

Figuring out the origin of the clog can help your New Cumberland, PA plumbing repair expert teach you how to unclog sink blockages. Some things that may clog a sink include mineral deposits in the water that slowly close the hole in the pipe over time, hair build-up, and any other foreign objects that make their way down the sink.

Fixing the Problem

Depending on the cause of the sink clog, there are a number of methods a plumber can use to fix it. Using a plunger to clear a blockage with suction is one of the standard things a plumber can try. If that doesn’t work, he may remove the trap, which is a curved piece of pipe located under the sink. Its curved shape can make it a more likely place for a clog to occur. If the clog can’t be removed or cleared with the trap off, the blockage is probably further down the pipe. A drain snake can be a very effective tool for clearing clogs that are further down the pipe. A drain snake can reach a long distance and may be exactly what is needed to get the job done.

If you are experiencing problems with your sink, you should get the problem taken care of right away before it gets worse. The professionals at Ready & Able are available around the clock to help you learn how to unclog sink blockages. Contact us today at 717-963-2034.

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