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    Are you looking for a heat pump system in Camp Hill, PA? Heat pumps have become a popular alternative or complement to conventional heating and air conditioning systems.

    Heat pumps move heat into and out of a home to provide comfortable temperatures and can work as a stand-alone or with an auxiliary furnace. Ready & Able can help your with expert heat pump installation, repairs, and maintenance. Our HVAC Team is based close by and can normally schedule you heat pumps services quickly.

    Heat Pump Systems

    The two main types of heat pumps are air-to-air and geothermal. A conventional air-to-air heat pump draws heat from the outside air into your home. Geothermal models draw heat from the ground and bring it indoors.

    Both types also provide cooling modes that transfer indoor heat outside, either into the air or the ground. While heat pump technology has advanced to provide sufficient heat to more northern climates, in Pennsylvania, you might want an integrated furnace to support the heat pump during the coldest times.

    Heat pump systems are also either ducted or ductless. Ducted or central heat pumps work with air ducts to circulate heat and air conditioning. Since they do not burn fuel when heating, ducted pumps are more energy efficient than furnaces, which could add up to lower energy bills.

    Ductless pumps, also called mini-splits, do not connect to ducts in your home. One or more indoor air handlers connect to a single outdoor unit via small refrigerant tubes and wires. These pumps can direct heated or cooled air to certain areas of your house to save money.

    By controlling temperatures in different rooms, mini-splits provide a great advantage over traditional HVAC systems. Using air conditioning to cool your entire home can be expensive during hot summers.

    With a ductless heat pump, you can focus on rooms that are being used more and not waste energy on rooms that are not used as much. These units deliver a targeted method of indoor climate control that can lower energy usage and utility bills.

    Here is a brief list of our heat pump services.
    • Install geothermal or air-source pumps
    • Install ducted or mini-split pumps
    • Repair refrigerant leaks, reversing valves, and motors
    • Heat pump maintenance

    When installing your heat pump, we ensure the outdoor unit has enough clearance space for air circulation and the electricity is properly connected. Even with the best installation, common problems can arise with your heat pump over time, such as refrigerant leaks, broken reversing valves, and clogged motors.

    If you have a heat pump that starts running too often, the issue could be a broken compressor contactor, which we can readily fix. If your heat pump stops running, the issue could be a faulty start capacitor. We have the expertise to handle these repairs to get your heat pump working again quickly.

    In addition, don’t forget regular maintenance to keep your heat pump working efficiently. Our maintenance technicians can make sure your heat pump is clear of the debris buildup in coils and fans that reduces proper airflow.

    We can also inspect and ensure the compressor and air exchangers are free of obstructions. According to Energy.gov, a well-maintained heat pump can reduce energy consumption by up to 25% compared with a neglected unit. Proper maintenance thus helps ensure that your heat pump reduces energy usage and utility costs.

    Heat Pump Installation in Camp Hill

    Our trained technicians have the knowledge and experience for heat pump installation, repair, and maintenance. Our trained and certified technicians can install geothermal or air-source heat pumps, whether ducted or mini-splits.

    We work on almost all brands and understand the complexities of these heat pump systems to ensure that you have the right size unit, and we position it correctly.

    We are an HVAC company that provides exceptional-quality heat pump installations, repairs, and maintenance. Our trained and skilled technicians offer superior customer satisfaction to address your heating and air conditioning needs. With our warranty coverages, fast response times, and pride in our work, we excel at providing heat pump services to you.

    For a heat pump system in Camp Hill, call us today at Ready & Able Plumbing, Heating & Air!